Take, Take, Take

The holiday season is all about giving. Here is a twist to consider. Might I suggest we take, take, take?

Let us take action against global poverty and hunger.

Let us take responsibility for sharing with our neighbors and strengthening communities.

Let us take heart to change a child’s life by providing education.

Take time to find a project that will really mean something to your family or friends. And take comfort in the knowledge that when you make a contribution to One Small Drop, you’ll receive a personalized card as evidence of your thoughtfulness. You could also make a donation in honor or memory of someone.

Take a few moments and review the “sponsor” tab to look over the projects One Small Drop is involved with. You can make a contribution directly through PayPal or email me (tammiejo@tds.net) with details of the project you would like to sponsor and who to mail the personalized card to. You can also use the good old post office to mail me at One Small Drop, N6823 Co J, Iola, WI 54945, USA.

Thank you for your generous giving. We hope your friends and family are thrilled with their gifts.

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