Heading Back…

In just a few short weeks we are headed back to see our friends in the Livingstone Mountains of Southwest Tanzania. Joining me on this trip is Kathy Meyer-Blum (pictured). She is a teacher at Iola-Scandinavia Elementary School. When the students found out Mrs. Blum was going they wanted to do something for the people. They decided to have a fundraiser selling ice cream one day at school with all the benefits to go toward orphan uniforms. One student also had a lemonade stand during the local rummage weekend to add to this cause. They raised $400! WOW! What a difference this will make in the lives of many children!

We hope to visit a few schools on this trip, but one of the main reasons we are going is to kick off the new potato project. There is a strong market for the “ground potato” in the area, and their soil is perfect. The plan involves each woman’s group starting with an acre of land. If One Small Drop provides the start up funds, they should be able to net $900 the first year, creating a sustainable project for years to come.

We leave July 8th, so keep us in prayers!
Again – I am grateful for all of your support.

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