10 Communities – Oh My!

Ukukwe Ladies looking at their picture

The short time we are in the Livingstone Mountains means there is much travel to take place to meet with each of the communities. From the center of these communities, the furthest one away is about 15 miles, BUT it took us 1 hour to travel that 15 miles. It has been raining and cool here, causing travel to be more, shall we say, slippery. On our way up the mountain, there was a large commercial truck hauling potatoes tipped on its side. We were able to squeeze through.

The women groups are amazingly welcome and patient, as we are often late (Africa time). We get to conversing, and sharing and looking at projects, and having tea, and then…we are late for the next town.

Charlene has commented about their extreme hospitality. Their singing feels like love is washing over us. They literally have nothing but the clothes on their back, yet are compelled to give us something, even if it is a chicken from their yard.

We have met with 6 of the ten communities and we are excited to see what the new communities would like to do for projects. We will meet with the leaders of each of the women groups on Friday.

Charlene has taken a million pictures (and I am only exaggerating a little). We are trying to get a picture of each women group and make an album for their community. The pictures are a hit with the ladies as Charlene shows them their picture on her iPad after it is taken.

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