Take, Take, Take Again


The holiday season is all about giving. Here is a twist to consider. How about if we take…

- Take action against global poverty and hunger

- Take responsibility for sharing with our neighbors and strengthen communities

- Take heart to change a person’s life

In August, we met with 4 new groups to begin conversations to begin projects that empower women, widows and orphans. This makes a total of 11 communities/women’s groups that we are working with. If funds are secured, 3 of the 4 new communities will be starting the potato project next year and one will be starting a bean project. They are all starting the avocado project this winter by planting 200 seedlings each.

Why avocados? Here are a few avocado facts:

· An avocado tree can produce fruit up to 80 years

· By age 3 an avocado tree will produce 220 pounds of fruit per tree

· Within 10 years it produces nearly 880 pounds of fruit per tree

· At full maturity a tree will produce 1100 pounds per tree.

A simple avocado is the difference between sleeping on the floor, or in a bed for a Tanzanian. This single fruit is the difference between eating a meal containing meat, fish, or poultry three times a week, or never feeling the benefits of eating protein. It is the contrast between having lamp light to illuminate a home, or fumbling through the darkness of night.

Total funding needed for the 4 community projects is $6500. We are well on our way, with over $4000 in the bank! Yay!

Charlene Reiter, who traveled to Tanzania with me in August, is spearheading a Winter Garage Sale Feb. 1, to be held at Lessons From The Art studio. If you have gently used household furniture, books and clothing please contact her directly 715-572-8855. Watch for more details!

Of course you can always send donations directly to One Small Drop, N6823 Co Rd J, Iola, WI 54945. Every little bit helps.

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