We are Ready for 2015 Trip!

Last night our local library had a celebration of heroes in our community. Throughout the summer children have been reading books to benefit One Small Drop. The goal was for all ages is to read or be read to 20 minutes per day or 2 hours per week. The child could then choose to give their reading hours to 2 charities with One Small Drop being one of them! It was a great celebration to be part of. There were people from the Fire and Ambulance Department, Police Department, the Community Garden, the Humane Society, The Lions/Lioness, The National Guard, 4-H, Farmers and One Small Drop. Thank you!!!

It is that time of year when all the plans that have been set in motion come together for the amazing and incredible trip to meet my “Family and Friends” across the ocean in Tanzania. I am excited to see the progress of the projects and to visit with my dear friends. There are 11 communities/groups that are working on projects that benefit women, widows and children. Some are entering the 7th year of projects! It is hard to believe our relationship has been cultivated for that many years already! I have been blessed.

I am excited to bring a guest from Salem, Oregon with me on this trip. Her name is Marlie Rowell. I love watching “first timers” experience the wonderful people and culture in Tanzania!

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