Giving Back – Oscar

I am grateful, as always, to have experienced a wonderful trip to the Livingstone Mountains in Southwest Tanzania with traveling partner, Marlie Thomas-Rowell.

We were wowed by the progress being made in each of the 11 communities on their projects. This is a diagram of the projects each community has!

But I want to share a story with you about Oscar.

Oscar is a young man that One Small Drop has supported to go to University for Agriculture, through private donations. We met Oscar about 4 years ago through his sister. We were meeting orphans in the Lusanje area. She told us of the 5 children in her family recently left orphaned. Oscar was her older brother, the eldest in the family. We located Oscar and found out he didn’t have enough funds to finish his last year in high school and take the entrance exam for university. He was sponsored by fellow travelers Brenda and Buttons. The following 2 years his university education was also sponsored and he has graduated. In gratitude, Oscar gave me a chicken.

He returned to the Lusanje area and offered his services to the women to assist in making their projects more profitable.

When visiting the 11 communities and their projects, it became apparent that the low rainfall this year is affecting the potato crops in several areas. We suggested that Oscar look into the costs associated with irrigation in these areas (portable pumps and piping). There are artesian wells located near most of the farm areas, making it easy to connect to water. We are waiting to hear projected costs. This could turn into a possible job for Oscar, visiting the fields of our communities in need as well as offering his services to others in the area.

What a wonderful example of how one small drop of assistance can create great ripples of change.

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