Very Sad News to Share

It is with a very sad heart that I share Labani Mwaikenda passed away this morning. It was very unexpected because he was feeling very well after his long illness. He was the project manager for all of One Small Drop’s community projects. His life touched many people and he will be missed dearly.

Labani had a heart for the community, his family and especially the orphans. Little children always gathered around him. He and his wife Kigali (pictured below) had a yard that was a welcome zone for any young child that had no place to go.

The women empowerment projects of One Small Drop were a passion for Labani. He believed the adage “when you empower the woman, you empower the family”. He was a confidant, encourager and teacher to all 11 groups that One Small Drop has a relationship with. He took his position as manager very seriously because he saw, first hand, how directly beneficial the projects were to the women and widows which lead to benefits for orphans, families and the community.

We were very blessed to have know and worked with Mr. Labani Mwaikenda. Prayers go out to his family and community.

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