Final Campaign

One Small Drop is entering its 10th and final year. What an inspiring decade it has been! We have grown from assisting 4 women’s groups in 2008 to 11 groups and communities. And the number of women, widows and orphans these 10 years have benefited is beyond measure due to support from you!

The sustainable projects One Small Drop supports has also grown from pigs, orphan uniforms, potatoes and avocados to include chickens, tea, beans, cows, batik dying, sewing machine coop and micro loans. They have started additional projects from the profits of these projects which include maze, timber trees, chair rental. Several are looking at adding more projects, including a maize grinding machine and a timber milling machine, bees and honey project.  4 groups are sponsoring orphans to go to school.

Ladies expressing their gratitude for support through hugs

One of the most impressive recent projects is the micro-loan project. 9 of the 11 groups have started loaning small amounts ($10 for 3 months at 10% interest) to women and widows in their communities. This has dual benefits. It benefits the group with the interest that is earned and also benefits the loaner. The most common use is for the women to open a market booth to sell goods, or to expand their booth, or to buy raw material for increasing their product line. These loans encourage and empower the women. More importantly because of these loans they are realizing they have a right to talk and voice their opinions with confidence.

The HIV/Aids group we work with operates the largest potato project. During our July visit they told us that because of their project, they are now taken seriously in the community, treated with dignity and not shunned. This touched our hearts tremendously and it is all because of support from you.

HIV/Aids leader standing in one of their potato fields

One Small Drop’s mission is founded on the belief that just one small drop of financial support can bring a flood of help to the poorest of places in the world. We invite you to help make our final year the best ever! As you know, even small amounts make huge impacts. We welcome funds that are directed to a specific project, donations in someone’s name (I’ll send you personalized gift certificates to use) or general donations. All support is tax deductible.

You can make donations on Paypal link at the top or mail a check to One Small Drop, N6823 County Road J, Iola, WI Thank you again!

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