One Small Drop Explores New Ventures

While in Tanzania in September, we took a solar stove with us to get input from the 4 villages on their thoughts of the usefulness and feasibility of this technology. Currently families gather wood morning and night, sometimes walking a couple miles each way. Some have their cooking area inside their homes causing respiratory issues. This simple solar cooker (made of foil lined cardboard) folds into a 13” x 2” square. A pot of rice will cook in about 2 hours. The rule of thumb is one liter of water takes one hour to heat to boiling temperature. A cut up chicken and vegetables will take about 6 hours (similar to our slow cookers). The women were thrilled to learn that there would be no soot lined pots to wash and no stirring is needed, because the food doesn’t burn. Because of its portability the women can also take the cooker to the garden fields and return home with a meal that is ready to eat. They are investigating the design plans to see if the needed materials are readily available to construct these cookers for themselves as well as the possibility of generating enough of them to sell at reasonable price.

The other project One Small Drop is becoming involved with is avocado trees. A retired pastor from the Ndala village has been raising avocados for several years. He has connections with a company that markets the avocados in Israel, Saudi Arabia and hotels across Tanzania. Seedling avocado trees cost $8 and will take 3 years before they will bear fruit. The Livingstone Mountains have a natural environment for growing avocados. If a “group” purchases avocado seedlings, they only cost $4. Each tree will produce about $120 worth of fruit.

One Small Drop has set a goal of raising funds to purchase 50 trees for each of the 4 communities, each of the next 3 years, so a rotation of trees will begin. Lukamenda (the group formed by the women of the 4 communities) will purchase the trees as a group and will operate the tree distribution to widows. This will be another self sustaining project that will have long lasting benefits to the Lukamenda communities.

It is truly amazing to watch the doors that God opens for us to step through! A difference can be made, One Small Drop at a time!

Someone recently shared this video with me based on Ghandi’s quote, “Be the change you wish to see in the world.”

Be the Change

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