Beyond the Box Campaign

During this holiday season we are bringing back our “Beyond the Box” campaign. Your gifts can go far beyond the typical boxed items and support One Small Drop programs that reach far beyond the end of the road.

I have been seeing a paradigm shift happening in America: the difference between a patron and a partner. The people of Tanzania are filled with their own visions, abilities and strengths. Maybe it is because of the people I surround myself with, and perhaps it is just in my limited corner of the world, but we do not view the people of Tanzania as waiting for our patronage, but as capable, creative, entrepreneurial people with whom we partner as equals to accomplish great things.

When you designate the project you are interested in supporting in the name of a family member, friend or colleague or in honor of a special occasion they receive a personalized card notifying them of the powerful gift you made. And you will know that you’ve made an investment in programs that offer real solutions and not short term fixes. Your donation transforms communities by helping people address hunger, poverty, education and other challenges that undermine their well-being. Because you are helping One Small Drop inspire people and strengthen communities, your purchases are tax deductible.

Beyond the Box Projects:

$30 – Purchases one pig for the pork project, empowering widows and feeding families

$30 – Purchases one school uniform for an orphan to be able to attend school, leading to the education needed to combat poverty

$30 – Purchases one solar stove and design specifications, empowering widows for entrepreneurship and significantly reducing the work load, reducing lung related health risks and reducing the environmental stress of tree harvesting

$30 – Purchases 7 avocado seedlings – empowering widow families with entrepreneurship

This holiday season, don’t give a gift…consider an investment in equipping the people of Tanzania. Contact Tammie Jo, with your contribution information or mail to One Small Drop, N6823 Co J, Iola, WI 54945.

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