A New Chapter!

My, I see it has been a very long time since I have updated this blog.  Personally, I have had a challenging past 8 months. I was diagnosed with breast cancer in December. I have been through all the chemotherapy (lost all my hair) and just completed my radiation.  But all treatments did their job and all reports say I am cancer free. (And my hair is coming back – Yay!)

So it is time to get back in the saddle! I am planning to head back to Tanzania to visit my dear friends and check on the projects this fall.

I had the opportunity to visit with Pr. Andrea and his entire family last month and get an update on projects. It appears the entire region had been struck with some sort of pig disease that affects newborn piglets.  So all of the newborn piglets from the first litters did not make it. This is not just a problem in our 4 communities. It is a dreadful issue for what would be equivalent to a 3 state area. The sows have since been bred again. This also caused some problems with the pig centers because some of the piglets were to be sold to purchase food for the pigs at the center. We are working together to get through this tough time.

Another tailor has been contacted to help with sewing more orphan uniforms. We are excited that so many additional orphans will be able to attend school this year!

I am told the avocado project is progressing nicely and we are still checking if the solar stoves can be manufactured locally.

Pr. Andrea also shared that a District Pastor for this region is interested in partnering with One Small Drop to be able to reach out to more communities. I am excited to see where this could lead.

My husband just asked me if I thought we could auction our pre-season Packer tickets to raise funds for One Small Drop, so I am putting this idea out there for you to participate if interested! We have two tickets for Friday, August 19th game, 7pm vs. Arizona. Minimum bid is $75 each. Just contact me if you are interested: tammiejo@tds.net or 715-340-2136. I will also post this on facebook.

A new chapter begins!

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