Traveling Soon!

In less than 2 weeks I will be headed back to the Livingstone Mountains in South Western Tanzania. It has been over a year since I have visited the 4 villages and the women from each village that make up the “Lukamenda” women’s organization. I am excited to meet with these women for updates and visits to the projects supported by One Small Drop (Pork Project, Orphan Uniforms, Avocado Project and Solar Cooking Stoves). More info on these projects are listed under the tabs above.

One Small Drop Board of Directors and friends met with Pr. Andrea and his family a few weeks ago. Pr. Andrea was my main influence in going to Tanzania. He shared with us that the Tanzanian villages we are working with are grateful to God for our shared commitment. He stated one of the reasons our projects are important is that they are sustainable and empower women in the area. “When you equip a woman, you equip a family.”

Relationship building and accompaniment is the backbone principle of One Small Drop. We respectfully listen and learn from each other. We want to understand local priorities and identify ways walk together. One of my favorite quotes came from a former Tanzania Bishop, Josiah Kibera,  “None are so poor that they don’t have something to give. None are so rich that they don’t have something to receive.”

I am excited to announce that in January a wonderful friend of mine, Katie Mead, will be traveling to this area to volunteer as a nurse for 3 months at the hospital in Kandete. I will ask her to write a guest blog in the near future!

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