As always, the simple act of reconnecting with friends and renewing relationships is the highlight of return visits to the Livingstone Mountains. My airline adventures this time turned out to be very frustrating, but it did not diminish the hearty welcome from each community.

My trusty interpreter, Tupo Nile, is an angel from God. She magically transforms our conversations with the women and dignitaries into heartfelt sharing.

Here is a very brief update of the projects.
The communities have been hit very hard with the “African Swine Fever” that devastated southwest Tanzania and Malawi. Most pigs and piglets died, but each community did manage to have a couple adults or piglets survive. A plan has been devised and they are on the road to recovery. Pictured here are 8 piglets of a 12 piglet litter!

Each of the 4 communities supplied about 30 uniforms to orphans. That means 120 new children are attending school this year!

Two of the 4 communities have each planted 200 avocado seedlings, and the other two will begin planting in December. Each tree, which takes 3 years to mature, will produce a minimum of $120 worth of fruit.

A new project that One Small Drop will consider is a “potato project”. There is a strong market for the “ground potato” in the area, and their soil is perfect. The plan involves each woman’s group starting with an acre of land. If One Small Drop provides the start up funds, they should be able to net $900 the first year.

I also met with the District Pastor who is encouraging me to consider expanding into the 6 other congregations that are in this district. Our Board of Directors will be discussing this.
When meeting with the women I had the opportunity to hold this 5 day old baby. So precious.

I am grateful to all of you that have been a tremendous support for these endeavors. I would be glad to speak to any groups that would like to hear about this in more detail. I am truly blessed by you!

Next week I will give an update on Niku, the nurse student we are sponsoring and share how the plans are coming together for Nurse Katie Mead to volunteer at the Kandete Health Care Center for 3 months.

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