About One Small Drop

One Small Drop is a non-profit 501 (c) (3) association. In the world of missions and outreach “one small drop” can have many meanings. There are naysayer’s who claim trying to save the world is like a drop in the bucket. One Small Drop is founded on the belief of world changers who know just one drop of water, financial support, or volunteer sweat equity can bring a flood of help to the poorest of places in the world.

My name is Tammie Jo Berg. In 2007, Tanzania started to come across my “radar screen”. It showed up in books I was reading that had nothing to do with Africa, in my daily devotions, in my email, even when I turned on TV. I only knew one person from Tanzania. He was a Tanzanian pastor, in the USA, studying in Minneapolis.  I e-mail Pr. Andrea Mwalilino and asked for information about his country. He emailed me back within 15 minutes, saying he would be in Iola (my town) tomorrow (4 hours away). Maybe we should get together?

Pr. Andrea and wife Sarah

We spoke the next day. The whole while we were talking, my heart was burning. He had not been home for 2 years and explained he would be going home that summer. He suggested, “maybe I should “come and see”.  I went in July of 2008, came home and established “One Small Drop”.

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