One Small Drop is a non-profit association with a vision to:

  • change the world one person at a time
  • educate those with resources to serve those who have needs
  • create a change of perspective
  • change the world through service and education


One Small Drop is founded on the belief of world changers who know just one small drop of water, financial support or volunteer sweat equity can bring a flood of help to the poorest of places in the world.


My name is Tammie Jo Berg. I am the founder of One Small Drop. I’ve been married to my best friend – Brian Derus – for 17 years. I have 3 grown children: Zach  (married to Meta with 10 month old Jaxon and expecting in May!), Alexandria, and Paige. I recently retired after 15 years in the field of Youth and Family Ministry and work in real estate, as well as run my own business “Lessons From the Art” -  a music, dance and art academy. I have always had a  passion for global outreach and providing opportunities to reach beyond borders, to grow and learn together, to make the world a better place…one drop at a time.

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