Some people have asked how they can support One Small Drop.  One Small Drop is trying to connect and educate those with resources to serve those who have needs (as stated in our vision statement). We have developed sponsorships that correlate with the areas of concern identified by the people in the Livingstone Mountains: HIV/AIDS, orphans, sustainable livestock & agricultural production and empowerment of widows.

1.       Education is very important in their culture. There is no fee for primary school, but students must wear a school uniform. Due to poverty, many cannot afford uniforms. And when orphans are taken in by extended family the burden is even larger. We are looking at assisting orphans by hiring tailors to sew of school uniforms so they can attend school. $30 purchases one school uniform that could be worn for 2, sometimes 3 years.

2.       We started a few agriculture projects:

  • Pork Project (similar to the Heifer Project). $30 buys one feeder size pig. The family awarded the pig is educated in how to feed, care, house and breed it. Piglets are then given away to other families. It is a gift that keeps on giving.
  • Potato Project – The women’s group starts out with and acre or two of land. Once an investment of start up capital is in place, profits will be double the expenses in the first harvest. There can be two harvest in one year.
  • Avocado Project – Seedling avocado trees cost $8 and will take 3 years before they will bear fruit. The Livingstone Mountains have a natural environment for growing avocados. When the women’s group purchases avocado seedlings, they only cost $4. Each tree will produce about $120 worth of fruit.

If you are interested in any of these sponsorships, tax deductible contributions can be made to One Small Drop and sent to N6823 Co J, Iola, WI 54945.

Sponsorship Levels





Sponsorship Communities and Gift Certificates:


$30—one pig for Pork Project

$30 – Avocado (7 seedlings) Project

$30 – Potato (seed potatoes) Project

$30 – 3 chickens


$30—one school uniform

Widow Empowerment:

$30 – Solar Stoves

Tammie Jo Berg is also available to speak for any group that is interested in learning more about One Small Drop. 715-340-2136; tammiejo@tds.net

Financial Accountability

Our Board has directed that contributions designated for particular projects shall be applied to those projects. Occasionally we receive more donations for a given project than can be wisely applied to that project. When that happens we use these funds to meet the most pressing need at the time.

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